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Key Points for Escape

When Pressed Down


 When Special Dangers Encountered
How to deal with special dangers
in an earthquake?

When gas leaks out:
  Muffle your mouth and nose with a wet towel; don't turn on light. Try to escape after the earthquake.

When a fire happens:
  Lie on the ground with one's face downward; cover one's mouth and nose with a wet towel. Try to remove to a safe place after the earthquake crawling against the wind. 

When poisonous gas leaks:
  When a chemical plant happens to be on fire and poisonous a gas leakage occurs, don't run in the direction of the wind. Try to run against wind and cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel at the same time.

Dangerous places to be avoided:
  Factories that produce dangerous products;
Dangerous, explosives and inflammables storehouses.