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Ruins of the Hongdong Earthquake(1303)

  Date : September 25, 1303
  Epicenter: Zhaocheng and Hongdong of Shanxi Province
  Scale: 8
  Brief situation:

Cracks occurred in Ganying 
Temple of Quhuo

  Taiyuan and Pingyang suffered the most loss. More than 100 thousand official and civilian houses were damaged. Mountains were destroyed and cities were removed. The cracks on the ground surface were changed into channels. The Lize Channels penetrating Zhaocheng, Hongdong and Linfen were destroyed. More than 200 thousand people were pressed flat and several hundred thousand were injured.

  In Zhaozheng: The loss was particularly serious in this county. The wall of the temple school and the Nvwa Temple were destroyed. The Dongwu pavilion of Cahngchun temple was completely destroyed. The temple turned into hollow space.

  In Hongdong: The lower part of the Guangshang Temple was almost completely destroyed. The temple of the city god was also destroyed. Both the two temples were reconstructed after the earthquake.

  In Huo County: The official and civilian buildings were all ruined and nothing was left. The official building, the school, the Guangshun temple and the Fuchang temple all collapsed.

The temple of Emperor Yao
  was damaged

  "It was quite unfortunate that an earthquake happened in August 6. Pingyang and Taiyuan were both leveled to the ground. More than 100 thousand people were pressed flat. The temples and figures of gods were all destroyed. The gate of the village was damaged. Someone suggested reconstructing it. The work was completed in March 21 of the next year. The wood engraving would be carried out by Deng Junzhang and Guo Bei of our village."