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Escape in 10 Seconds 
Key Points For Escape
Escape in the School
Escape in Public Places
Escape Outdoors
Escape in Open Fields
When Special Dangers Encountered
When Pressed Down 
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Key Points for Escape

When Pressed Down


Escape in Public Places


  Listen to the command of the site workers. Don't be scared and don't rush towards the exits. Try to avoid crowds. Avoid to be squeezed to the wall or barriers.
 w At theaters and gyms: crouch down or slip under the chairs; avoid suspending lights and electric fans; protect the head with schoolbags; after the earthquake, listen to the command of the workers, retreat in an organized way.
 w In department stores, bookstores, museums or subway: find firm counters, commodities (low furniture etc.) or a pillar, or the corner of a wall to crouch down on the spot, protect the heads with hands or other objects; keep away from glass windows, glass counters or show counters; keep away from tall cupboards; keep away from advertisement boards and other suspending objects. 
 w On buses or trolley buses: Grasp the handles to avoid being injured; lower the center of gravity; hide near the seats; get off after the earthquake passed.