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Key Points for Escape

When Pressed Down


Key Points For Escape

  What is the correct action to take in earthquakes? Should people run away or should they find a hiding place? Most experts in our country believe that people should find a hiding place in nearby places if they are at indoors at the beginning of the earthquake and retreat to safe places when the earthquake stops. When people are staying indoors during the earthquake, they should select a hiding place where the structure is sound and where can give good protection to people. Places where triangular structures are formed and where there is smaller rooms or with strong pillars are safer. More spacious places in outdoors are also quite safe.   

Correct postures
 w Bend over and wait for chance. Crouch or sit down, try to bend the body and lower the center of gravity.
 w Hold to a solid object such as a table leg.
 w Protect the head and eyes from injuries and cover the mouth and nose.
 w Avoid the crowd of people, never throng with each other, don't spark any lights because flammable gas may stay in the air.