Preparations of the Family
Escape in 10 Seconds 
Key Points For Escape
Escape in the School
Escape in Public Places
Escape Outdoors
Escape in Open Fields
When Special Dangers Encountered
When Pressed Down 
Mutual Rescues
Live on after Earthquakes



All Kinds of Earth Light

Records on the Bamboo

20 Examples of Rescue

Seismic Belts in China

Ground Deformation

Calling of Apes

Key Points for Escape

When Pressed Down


Escape Outdoors

Select a safe place on the spot
 w Crouch or crawl on the ground, so that the person won't fall down;
 w Don't run aimlessly; avoid the crowds of people;
 w Protect the head with school bags;
 w Don't go back indoors casually.

Keep away with high buildings or structures

 w Such as: tall buildings, particularly building with glass curtains;
 w Don't stand under or above flyovers;
 w Don't stand under water towers and high chimneys etc.

Keep away with dangerous objects, high and suspending objects
 w Such as: transformers, electricity wire poles and street lamps;
 w Keep away with advertisement board and cranes etc.
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Keep away with other dangerous places
 w Such as: narrow streets;
 w Dilapidated houses and wall;
 w Inner walls, high front face and awnings;
 w The storage place of bricks, woods and other objects.