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Escape in 10 Seconds 
Key Points For Escape
Escape in the School
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When Special Dangers Encountered
When Pressed Down 
Mutual Rescues
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20 Examples of Rescue

Seismic Belts in China

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Calling of Apes

Key Points for Escape

When Pressed Down


Mutual Rescues 

 w When digging out the buried person, you should protect the support or stands against collapsing
 w Find the head of the hurt person first, clear his mouth and nose of foreign matter in order to let him breathe freely. If he is suffocated, you should make artificial respiration on him
 w When the hurt person can't climb out, don't pull him hard in case he is hurt. when a person is hurt in the back, you should move him by using a solid stretcher. 
 w When you can't save a survivor for the time being, mark the place for help

The principle of rescue 

  First save those in nearby places, then save those that is far away; first rescue the ones that are easily saved, then the difficult ones; first save the young and medical workers to increase hands.