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Key Points for Escape

When Pressed Down


Preparations of the Family

Make family earthquake protection plans.
 w Get foods and drinks ready according to the requirements of the government and relevant departments. 
 w Inspect and annul the potential dangers at home and reinforce the dwellings.
 w Inspect and reinforce the dwelling place.
 w Look at the houses of the family to see if there is any place against earthquakes resisting. Get familiar with the surroundings.
 w See how is the quality of the house. Has it been out of repair for a long time? Houses in disadvantageous conditions must be reinforced. Retreat the houses that can not be reinforced.
 w Is the structure of the house beneficial to resist earthquakes? Inner walls and heavy ornaments should be removed.

Place furniture and objects in a rational order

 w Take down the objects hanging on the wall to prevent them from injuring people after falling down. 
 w Put toxic and flammable objects in safe place. 
 w Tidy up the household so that the door and the corridors are accessible. 
 w Fix tall furniture and prevent them from falling down and hurting people.
 w When place the objects in order, place the light ones above and heavy ones in the lower part. Objects such as flower basins in the terrace must be taken away.
 w Make rooms in firm furniture, so that people can hide in them when an earthquake happens. Strengthen the beds.

Get necessary things ready for the earthquake in a bag. 
 w Put the bag in a place within your reach.

Practice an anti-earthquake exercise.
 w Practice how to "keep away from earthquake within a minute" and practice how to disperse people.