Ruins of the Hongdong Earthquake (1303) 
Ruins of the Dali Earthquake (1514) 
Ruins of the Hua County Earthquake (1556)
Ruins of the Jiongzhou  Earthquake  (1605)
Ruins after the Earthquake 
in Tancheng (1668)
Ruins after the Earthquake in Linfen (1695)
Ruins after the Sanhe-Pinggu Earthquake (1679)
Ruins after the Pingluo-
Yinchuan Earthquake (1739) 
Ruins after the Earthquake in south of Kangding (1786) 
Ruins after the Niqinke Earthquake (1812)



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 Ruins after Pingluo-Yinchuan Earthquake (1739) 

  DateJanuary 3, 1739
  Epicenter: In-between Pingluo and Yinchuan of Ningxia Autonomous Region

   Great Wall was broken 
   by the earthquake

  The earthquake caused particularly serious damages to Pingluo. The ground surface cracked in most places of Xinqu and Baofen (deserted after the earthquake), the cracks were as wide as several feet. The flood gushed out and swallowed up many villages.

The Tower in Chengtian 
Temple was reconstructed

 All the official buildings and civilian houses were destroyed. The earthquake also resulted in great fires, which lasted more than 3 or 4 days. More than 50000 officials and civilians were killed. The earthquake radiated to more than 47 counties, the furthest of which, was Rongcheng of Hebei Province, which was 900 kilometers away.