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 Ruins after Sanhe-Pinggu Earthquake (1679)

  DateSeptember 3, 1679
  EpicenterSanhe-Pinggu in Hebei Province
  Level8 magnitude

The damaged Great Wall
  in Huairou

  The impact of the earthquake reached Shengyang (Liaoning Province) in the East, Min County (Gansu Province) in the West. It affected Tongcheng, Anhui province in the South. Though the impact was felt as far as thousands of miles away, Sanhe and Pinggu was most seriously damaged areas by the earthquake. Far and wide, nothing was left, and people could see very far because there was no barriers to the eyes. Mountains fell and the ground gave way. The ground surface was split and black water gushed out from it. Damaged houses and buildings were like hills and dead corpse were lying here and there. Numerous officials and common citizens were killed and some families were even completely killed by the earthquake. 

The Tower Relics in Tiankai 
( Openning Heaven ) Temple

   Sanhe: the city walls and houses were almost completely destroyed. There were only fifty five houses survived the shock. The ground was split in many places and dark water flooded everywhere. There was a two feet wide split across the road in Liu Hetun. 2677 people were crashed.

 The bottom part of Silver 
 Mountain Tower was damaged 
 in Changping 
 The fault and steep
 in Xiadian, Dachang

  Pinggu: all the villages and temples were completely damaged. The split in the ground was about 3 meters wide, dark water rushed out from gap. The crops grown in the fields were damaged. There was a mountain called Saw Teeth Cliff in that area. The mountains were staggered loosely like the teeth of a saw and connected with Pan Mountain in Ji County. It collapsed seriously during the earthquake. Some peaks were even cut in the middle and the collapsed rocks dashed into the earth quite deeply. There was a well in Daxinzhai. The shape of the well was greatly tortured and afterwards, some people even call it a lying down well. The people of this county, besides those killed by the collapses of the houses, no more than 30 to 40% were left. The whole ground of the city was lowered 2 to 10 feet than it before.