Ruins of the Hongdong Earthquake (1303) 
Ruins of the Dali Earthquake (1514) 
Ruins of the Hua County Earthquake (1556)
Ruins of the Jiongzhou  Earthquake  (1605)
Ruins after the Earthquake 
in Tancheng (1668)
Ruins after the Earthquake in Linfen (1695)
Ruins after the Sanhe-Pinggu Earthquake (1679)
Ruins after the Pingluo-
Yinchuan Earthquake (1739) 
Ruins after the Earthquake in south of Kangding (1786) 
Ruins after the Niqinke Earthquake (1812)



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Ruins of Dali Earthquake(1514)

  EpicenterYunlong County in Yunnan Province
  Scale(M) 5

The Three Towers in Dali

  An earthquake happened in Yunlong, the well-salt department and its bittern origin were destroyed. The place was exempted from taxation for three years.
An earthquake happened in Dali in 1514, cracks appeared in the towers, which were like the cracks when splitting a bamboo. 

Records for Rebuild 
the Three Towers 

The tower was repaired for twice separately in Ming and Qing Dynasties. An earthquake happened again in 1925, and the top of the tower was shaken down. The tower became even broken."