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Unofficial History of Nanzhao

By Yangshen of Ming Dynasty

  In the year of 886 A.D.(Tang Dynasty), an earthquake happened in Nanzhao.

  Unofficial history of Nanzhao- Dameng Kingdom: In the second year of Guangqi(886) in Tang Dynasty, an earthquake happened, and three cities including Dragonhead, Dragon-tail and Sanyang were all destroyed. 
According to textual research: the people in five cities of Nanzhao kingdom moved to the Southern part of Yunnan, they established their capital in Yangcheng. In the south and North of the city, there were two towns named Dragonhead, Dragon-tail. The existence of Sanyang was still under research. 

  The earthquake in Song Dynasty. 

  According to Volume A of Nanzhao Unofficial History: 1111A.D., an earthquake happened in Dali, more than 16 temples were destroyed. 

Unofficial History of Nanzhao