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Mo-tse, the Great Philosopher
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China Red Cross Provided Relief to the Earthquake Victims in the U.S and Japan 
The First Modern Earthquake Observation Station in China
Textual Research of Earthquakes in Yunnant
Premier Zhou Enlai Inspected the Earthquake Stricken Areas



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Seismic Belts in China

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Mo-tse the Great Philosopher

  In the 23rd century B.C., an earthquake occurred on the southern part of Shanxi Province. 

  It was recorded in a book Mo-tse that: The area of Miao had a riot and the ground was cracked to under ground spring.

  Emperor Shun set up his capital in Pucheng, yet an earthquake happened in the capital.

   It was recorded that an earthquake happened in the south of the Shanxi in Shun Dynasty, around 23 B.C. 

  Mo-tse said: The three rebelled´ the ground were spit and the spring sprouted out.

  An earthquake happened in Pu City, Capital in Shun Dynasty
Epicenter: 34.8<N 110.3<E

  Scale: M5