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The umbrellas of mushrooms in the Great Canyon

  In the dense forests of the Great Canyon, the fallen trees overlap on each other; rotten branches and leaves fell layer upon layer; the humus layer is thick and fat; the trees are many and their root systems are quite complicate. All these provide a favorable condition for the growth of fungi. Therefore, the great canyon is also a paradise for large fungi. 

  So far as the uses of fungi are concerned, all together there are 164 types of edible fungi, which take up 50% of the edible fungi in our country and they mainly belong to Tricholomataceae, Russulaceae, Agaricaceae, Pleurotaceae. 179 types of fungi can be used for medicine, and they belong to Polyporaceae, Dacryomycetaceae and Mygrophoraceae.

Tangible mushroom

  There are over 160 types of fungi growing on the forest ground in the Great Canyon district, which take up 60% of the total amount of fungi in that region. Among them, 68 types of fungi are mycorrhizal fungi outside the trees, another 60 types are agaric; decayed wood fungi, 41 types, most of them belong to Polyporaceae; only a few types are from Amanitaceae, Hygrophoraceae and Helvellaceae etc. Besides, some tang mushrooms are found there, among them, 17 types are newly recorded species in our country and 58 of them are newly recorded species in Tibet, such as Melanoleuca strictipas, Porphyrellus pseudoscaber and Tricholoma imbricatum etc. It's quite obvious that large amount of large-sized fungi are cultivated in the favorable natural environment in the Great Canyon district. It is a "natural fungi seeds storehouse" of fungi in the cold moderate zone, in the moderate zone, in the sub-tropical and the tropical zones. The storehouse not only provides large amount of materials for research in the family element and evolution of species and biological relation, it also holds in store great potentials for the exploitation of fungi resources. 

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