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Distant view of Mount Jialabailei and Namjagbarwa from Seqila Mount pass

  1With multivariate types
  Medog County has an area of more than 10 thousand square kilometers and the area of cultivated fields is only 8.28 square kilometers (including dry farm and paddy fields). The land area used for pastures is relatively small. Most of the pastures remain unused; on the contrary, land area used for forestry is rather large. The desolate mountains and slopes near residential places also take up a certain percentage. 

 2With obvious vertical structure

Jialabaileia huge Buddha covered with snow

 3with great potential production ability
  This area has abundant precipitation; the climate here is warm and humid; there is sufficient sunlight and the soil is also rich in fertilizer; all these provide advantageous conditions for agricultural production. The pastures in high mountains or sub high mountains are not in use yet, but this indicates that this place has great potentials for pasture farming. 

Distant view of Mount Jialabailei from Pai

 4Obvious differences in different districts
  Medog County is divided into "three upper regions" and "three lower regions". The elevation of the three upper regions is very high and the climate there is moderate and cool; the population there is scarce and the farmlands are mainly dry farms. Pasture farming has developed to some extent and the area for pasture farming is relatively large. The elevation of the "three lower regions" is lower. The climate there is warm and humid. The places are densely inhabited and fields there are mainly paddy fields, though dry farm also takes up a certain percentage.




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