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Capillatus clouds in Namjagbarwa

  The Yarlung Zangbo valley in-between el. 600 and el. 1200 within Medog County, including Medog, Beibeng and Didong etc, is the warmest and most humid region of Tibet, which provides abundant climatic resources for the plantation of sub-tropical crops. Within this section of the valley, the vertical elevation changes sharply. The agriculture there has obvious vertical climate and vertical agriculture patterns. So far as the climate is concerned, Medog can be used as a production base of sub-tropical fruits, crops and sub-tropical economic crops of Tibet. Though the land available is quite limited, so long as new plant types are introduced and the cultivation management is intensified; it has the condition to produce oranges, bananas, teas, sugar canes and rice for Tibet.

Sketch map of the moisture passage

Orographic clouds over 
the ridges of Namjagbarwa

Modog on the moisture passage





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