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กกกกThe Yarlung Zangbo Canyon slept soundly for millions of years. No one knows it is a global most.

Another bend of the Yarlung Zanbbo Canyon - looking at the Great Canyon from Zhuba 
(by Guan Zhihua)

กกกกIn the early of 1994, Chinese scientists found by accident that the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon, which cuts through the Himalayas, has an average depth of 5000 meters with the maximum depth of 5382 meters; from Pai to Baxika, the total length of the canyon is 496.3 kilometers. A series of figures made the scientists go wild with joy. The figures meant a new most of the world was born. Yarlung Zangbo Canyon is the new world champion! 

Distant view of Mount Jialabailei and Namjagbarwa at the entrance to the Great Canyon

Interlinked bends - a glance at the Canyon
 (by Guan Zhihua)



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