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Distant view of Zangbo 
Badong Waterfall
 (Taken by Li Bosheng)

  Yarlung Zangbo River is the longest river in Tibet. It ranks the 5th largest river in China in terms of its length. But the water resource it possesses is only second to the Yangzi River and ranks number two in China. The river valley in its upstream is quite wide and the current rolls down in waves to the Great Canyon with a rate flow of 4425 cubic meters per second. The Great Canyon holds in store two thirds of the water resource of the Yarlung Zangbo River. So we can say the water resource there is abundant and concentrating. According to some statistics, the water resource here amounts to more than 100 million Kilowatts (including the three tributaries such as Nyang Qu, Parlang Zangbo and Jainzhug Zangbo); its water resource in unit area ranks number one in the world. Such concentrating and abundant water resources, combined with the favorable project topography condition in the Canyon of the great bend area, means that it has great development and practical significance. 

A scene of Yi'ong Lake

Bird view of Rongzha Waterfall 
(Taken by Xu Jin)

  Considering it in the manner of a long-tern plan, we can develop the water resource there by cut-off, i.e. develop the water resource through tunnels; so that we can acquire the maximum water resource it possess. This is both needed and feasible. It will settle the problem of power shortage in the Plateau area.   




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