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Magnificent Riverbed Waterfall Groups

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A journalist, Ling Feng, prepares to take photos from the bottom of the Canyon

Distant view of Zangbo Badong Waterfall (Taken by Li Bosheng)

  The waterfalls appear in groups. Big ones interlink with small ones. Such a pattern gives the waterfalls a changeful feature. From the formation to the disappearance of a riverbed waterfall, it must experience a lot of changes. Under the action of head ward erosion, the regeneration and aging of a waterfall as well as the occurrence or disappearance of a waterfall may take place and finish within a short period of time. The waterfalls are only the present manifestation in the process of such fast changes, so to speak, the waterfall recorded by the British explorer F-M Belly and the waterfall recorded by the British botanist, F.K ward, have all disappeared by now. 




New Understanding on Geological Tectonic
A Peculiar Horseshoe
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Magnificent Riverbed Waterfall Groups
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A Peculiar Horseshoe

Magnificent Riverbed Waterfall Groups

Fantastic Vertical Natural Zones

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