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New Understanding on Geological Tectonic

 New Understanding on Geological Tectonic

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  Why such a magnificent and peculiar great canyon is formed on the young Qinghai-Tibet Plateau? This has close relations with the special geological tectonic and the adjustment of the lithosphere substance and structure. Our many years research indicates: the direct reason for the formation of the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon is the fast upraising of the crust in this district in the recent 3 million years and it also has something to do with the geological action in the depth. Within the recent 150 thousand years, the speed of the upraising in the great canyon district reaches 30 mm annually and it is one of the places, which upraises the most quickly in the world. Evidence in climatic terms illustrates that the great canyon district is a "hot spot". During this expedition, the scientists also got their hands on some new evidence in petrology and geotectonic. These evidences show that there is an asthenosphere mantal plume in this district. The existence of the mantle plume is the real cause for the fast upraising of the modern crust, the widespread distribution of the geothermal springs, and the frequent neo-tectonic activities in this district. 

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New Understanding on Geological Tectonic
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A Peculiar Horseshoe

Magnificent Riverbed Waterfall Groups

Fantastic Vertical Natural Zones

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