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Similarities and Differences of the Three Canyons

Similarities and Differences of the Three Canyons

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  The geological features of the Great Yarlung Zangbo Canyon related with its formation are similar with those of the Colorado Canyon in America and Keerka Canyon of Peru. They are all the results of the mantle plume or mantle thermal eddy action, which reduces the thickness of the crust rocks; and which combines with similar lava action, resulted in corresponding fast upraising of the crust and formed the canyons at last. Nevertheless, the strength and the method of expression in the action of the mantle plume in forming all the canyons also have some differences. In Keerka 

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canyon, the action of the lava expressed in the method of volcanic eruption and formed the high mountains in one side of the canyon; the action of lava in Colorado of America expressed in the method of overflowing to the ground surface, thus formed the basalt rock intercalation in the rock layers; while the action of lava in Yarlung Zangbo Canyon of China is still being expressed through the method of mantle plume, which constitutes powerful thermal eddy actions. It seems that there is some regular pattern in the cause of formation for all great river canyons in the world. Only that the expression in the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon is the most violent and with the shortest period of action. Can this again prove that the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon must become the largest canyon of the world? 



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Similarities and Differences of the Three Canyons
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