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 A Journey to the Entrance of the Largest Canyon

Distant view of Mount
Jialabailei and Namjagbarwa
at the entrance to
the Great Canyon

    3-days journey from Paixiang to Zhepoi via Daduoka, Nyedeng and Gugar. The tourists can travel on foot and appreciate the landscape of the Great Canyon along the river valley. In the place near the front castle of Daduoka village, the tourists will see the first scenery spot of the Great Canyon; they will see how the Yarlung Zangbo River flows from the wide valley in its middle stream to the narrow valley of its downstream. They can also visit Mount Namjagbarwa and Jialabailei peak; the deepest part of the valley passes through these two mountain peaks; then the tourists can continue to step down and they will arrive at two high terraces in Nyedeng via Daduoka. There, tourists will see the fields and villages of the Tibetan people. Peach trees will come into flowers in spring; all varieties of azalea will also put forth their blossoms. The tourists will set themselves against the snow-covered Mount Namjagbarwa, and at the same time, overlook at the rapid currents in the Great Canyon; they can appreciate the magnificent

One of the special sights
of the Great Canyon: the blue
sky, white clouds, and green
mountain covered by trees

landscape and take photos for the best scenery of Mount Namjagbarwa. Climbing downward, the tourist will arrive at Gugar village; they will see how the Great Canyon turns north in straight angel and they will hear many moving legends and tales about the peak. At last, they will arrive at Zhepoi village; they will see the accumulation and the relics of a series of glaciers at the foot of the peak. The Zelongnonggou glacier in-between the two villages is the first found jerking motion glacier in our country.







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