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 Ascend to Heaven on Foot

Distant view of Mount
Jialabailei and Namjagbarwa at
the entrance to the Great Canyon

   Climbing downwards from Pelung Moinba people's village along the downstream of Parlung Zangbo River to the tip of the bend of the Great Canyon, Zhaqu, the full distance of the journey is 30 kilometers. It is a journey of 2 days on foot. The tourists will pass six trail bridges on the Parlung Zangbo, as well as steep cliffs and mountain shortcuts; they will surpass a slope of 400 m in height and arrive at Zhaqu finally; now they arrive at the heart of the largest Canyon in the world; there they can see the horseshoe-like bend of the Yarlung Zangbo River and the bend in a straight angle in the downstream of Parlung Zangbo River; in the meantime, they can also see the snow-covered Mount Namjagbarwa and Jialabaiai Peak.

Mount Jialabailei in the midst of morning glow

Distant view of Mount Jialabailei
in the twilight from Zhaqu







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Parlung Zangbo - "Land of Fish and Rice in Tibet"

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