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Basum Co- High Mountain Lakes

   The lakes locate in high mountain areas about el. 2950 meters. The lakes are formed because ancient glaciers dam them. The water of the lakes is quite clear and the area of the lakes stretches as vast as dozens of kilometers. Snow-covered mountains shadow in the lakes and there are forests around the lakes. There is an island in the lake and a Lama temple on the island. The lake integrates the beautiful scenery and the temple into one. Visitors always praise it by saying "we have no need to visit other lakes after we have visited Basum Lake". The lake area is constructed into the first vocation village in Tibet. There is a simple road lead to it. It's only a journey of 40 kilometers if the visitors go there from the Sichuan-Tibet highway. Lodging there is quite convenient.






Natural Landscape and Human Customs
Parlung Zangbo - "Land of Fish and Rice in Tibet"

Landscape of Nyang Qu


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The Largest Wet Tongue of the World

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The 6th Generation Dalailama, a Living God of Mamba People and a Mamba Poet