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The Longest Canyon Covered with Green

Namjagbarwa in autumn 
(Taken by Du Zequan)

The peaks of Mount Jialabailei in the midst of the evening glows

The Great Canyon in the midst of mists and clouds

  Yarlung Zangbo Canyon locates in the temperate zone of the middle latitude and on the largest passage to the great Plateau of the moisture coming with the Indian Ocean monsoon. The powerful water and heat actions and the V-shaped valley formed by strong water cutting together make it become the longest green canyon on the globe. Colorado Canyon of America and Keerka Canyon of Peru all locate in arid and semi-arid environment, where the vegetation is rather sparse and the scenes are rather bleak and desolate. The erosion and cutting action of the water over there are rather weak and the external agent there is also much smaller than that of the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon region. Compared in terms of the rate flow of water, the average rate flow at the entrance of the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon is about 2000 cubic meters per second for year and year; and the average rate flow in its river mouth, Baxika, is about 5200 cubic meters per second. On the contrary, the average rate flow with Colorado River is no more than tens or hundreds of cubic meters per second; and the situation with Keerka Canyon is almost the same as Colorado, so they are not the rival of the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon in many aspects; moreover, as is indicated by certain materials, since dams are holding the water in the upstream of the Colorado River, there isn't any water entering the Gulf of Mexico from Colorado River today. 

Green vegetations on snow-covered grounds

A flying cascade beside Palong Zangbo River




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