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The length, depth and slope-deflection of the great canyon are all the mosts of the world.

No. 2 waterfall in Zangbobadong waterfall group. 

  After scientific argumentation, it is confirmed that the entrance of the great canyon is at the transportation and delivery station of Pai village and its exit is at Baxika village. The actual length of the canyon is 504.6 kilometers. The deepest place of the canyon is at Zongrong village, at the intersecting point of Mount Namjagbarwa and Mount Lilie with the Yarlung Zangbo River, where the depth of the valley is 6009 meters. The deepest place in one side is near Dege village, which is as deep as 7057 meters. The average depth of the great canyon is 2268 meters and the average depth of its core section is 2673 meters. 

  The surveying data also indicates that the width of the river in the great canyon is 660 meters at the entrance and it gradually shrinks to 35 meters at the narrowest point. The largest slope-deflection of the river surface (the ratio of the difference in the elevation of a section with its distance) is 75.35°. According to the analysis of experts in water resource, this is also one of the most in the world. 

Cloud and mist wreathed the hill

  As can be seen from all the data features, Yarlung Zangbo Canyon is no doubt the world champion. Other great canyons, such as the Colorado Canyon of America, which is as long as 370 kilometers with a depth of 2133 meters; and the Keerka Canyon of Peru, which is as long as 90 kilometers with a depth of 3200 meters, are not its rival at all. 

  Surveying experts also measured the width and head drop of the 4 waterfall groups accurately. The widest waterfall is the Zangbobadong waterfall and it has a width of 117.7 meters. The waterfall with the largest head fall is the Bailang waterfall, which is as high as 35 meters. 



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