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Highest Plateau and Deepest Canyon

The Great Yarlung Zangbo Canyon under the blue sky and white clouds 
(Taken by Wang Wei)

Landscape in the downstream of the Garlung Zangbo River
(Taken by Guan Zhihua)

Distant view of Mount Jialabailei from dense forests

  Analyzing from the internal agent condition that forms the great canyon, we can just say that the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon has no rivals. Yarlung Zangbo River locates in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which is still in strong periodical rising; the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the youngest plateau that rises the most rapidly on earth. It has an average elevation of over 4500 meters. With the strong erosion and cutting of tremendous amount of water along the weakest part of the shell, it's sure that the deepest canyon wll be formed in this part of the world. The average elevation of the Colorado plateau in west America is no more than 3000 meters; Peru Plateau is even lower; moreover, they are only cut and eroded by rivers in dryer environments, the canyons thus formed there are sure to be much smaller than the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon, no matter in depth or in their continuous length. The geological and atmospheric research show that the mental plume in the Yarlung Zangbo Bend rises strongly and forms the strongest "thermal eddy" on earth. The average rising for this part within the recent 15 years is 30 mm per year; and it is one of the areas that rise the most quickly on earth. Such internal agent conditions can be found with neither Colorado Canyon of America nor the Keerka Canyon of Peru. The effect of the underground lava in Colorado expresses by overflowing to the ground surface, which forms the basalt intercalation in Colorado. The annual rising in that place is no more than 6-15 mm; the effect of underground lava expresses in the form of volcano eruption in Keerka Canyon of Peru and it forms volcanic rock mountains in one side of the Keerka Canyon. In general, the huge press effect and thermal effect of the underground mantal plume with rotational shear movement are the strongest with the Yarlung Zangbo Cangyon. They act on each other with the outer crust of the earth and it's sure that they will form the largest and the most magnificent canyon in the world. 




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