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 Origin of Mamba People

  Mamba people are of an ancient people. It has a long-standing history. Records about it can be seen on the Tang-Tibet agreement tablet in front of Dazhao Temple of Lhasa. It says: "our lord Songzanganbu is the son of the Heaven. He comes to this world to become the Lord of Tibetans. Our country is in the middle of all high mountains and is in the origin of all long rivers. Our lord is a mighty god and he has great undertakings in the world. He blesses all people. He is good at using tactics. Our enemies are afraid of him. Such as Naruomamba´ all come to become his subjects." The Nanruomamba here are the ancestors of the present Mamba people.

Merry little carrier - Mamba girl

  In the myth about the Creation of Mamba people, stories about the creation of Mamba people are still very popular among Mamba people. In the very beginning of the Universe, everything is in utterly darkness. The god of Heaven sends a Holy Monkey, Jiangqiushenba, to the earth and tells it "you can go there to create human beings". The holy monkey comes down from Heaven and starts to live on earth. While a holy girl, "Zhashen" makes herself become an ugly female monkey and she asks to marry Jiangqiushenba. After they obtain the approval of the God of Heaven, they marry with each other. They bring with them the seeds of grains and the fire from the Heaven. They gradually make their offspring cleverer. Afterwards, their offspring become human beings, and they are the Mamba people. This myth story is almost the same as the Creation story of the Tibetan people, in which, a holy monkey marries with Luoshinu (a goddess).





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