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 Mysterious Medog

  Medog is the only county that has no highway to connect with other places in our country. Once Medog constructed a highway, which took them 20 years, but it was buried by snowslides and mud-rock flows. 

Mamba children

  Medog is also called Baimagang, means "a hidden lotus flower". The tale goes that Master Lianhuasheng was invited to give lectures to spread Buddhism in Tibet by Songzanganbu. He passed from Medog. His original name was Luobobaima. The mountain he taught in was called "Baimagang", which means "a sacred place with a hidden engraved lotus flower". Since it's a sacred place, it must have inexhaustible grains and meat. People believe it's a place that holds in store happiness. 

 Mamba girls

  The sacred and mysterious Medog attracted many people to come with religious illusions. These people regarded it as a great event to sacrifice their souls and their bodies to the saints here. Tales about "having good food to eat without growing any crops; having good drinks without raising any milk cows; having good houses to live at without planting any trees" attracted many Mamba people to migrate toward this place in the 18th century.




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