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Longshan black pottery

Using the carbonization technique in the process of firing makes Black pottery. It was first found in Longshan culture, and black pottery is the most important characteristic of Longshan culture. Longshan culture appeared in B.C.2310-B.C.1810, which can be classified into Henan Longshan culture, Shan'xi Longshan culture and Shandong Longshan culture. The three all are called Longshan times. The potteries in Longshan times are gray, red and black pottery, among which black pottery is the most famous.

Longshan black pottery can be classified into three kinds: fine soil, argillaceous and sand inclusion, among which the making of fine soil black pottery with 0.5mm-1mm in thickness of its wall is most skillful. Its surface is jet black and shining, thus it is called egg shelling black pottery. The ornamentation usually is simple. Polished and bright luster is the main decorative content, which combines organically with black color. The graceful, beautiful and charming style of black pottery is formed.

Egg-shelling cup with long handle

Egg-shelling cup with long handleThis piece belongs to Longshan culture. The whole body is 19.5cm high, 4.7cm in caliber, unearthed in East Haiyu of Rizhao of Shandong Province, and collected in Shandong Cultural Relics Archaeological Institute. It is an argillaceous black pottery. The mould is thin and tall. It has large flared mouth in a shape of trumpet, deep belly, round bottom in a shape of cup, one long and thin handle in the lower part, one bulged belly protrudes on the middle section of handle. Its surface is covered with vertical tiny carved holes, which are evenly and regularly scattered. The lower part of handle presents a shape of ring foot, its belly painted with cord design. The mould is novel and beautiful. It is made exquisitely and delicately. The thinnest place of cup is less than 0.5mm, which won people's great admiration. The body transmits a black luster.

Black pottery tri-pot ding (ding is an ancient cooking vessel)

Black pottery tri-pot dingThis piece belongs to Longshan culture, 16cm in height, 26.6cm caliber, unearthed in Liangcheng Town of Rizhao County, Shandong Province, and collected in Nanjing Museum. It is a polished argillaceous black pottery applied with black coating. It is in a shape of basin, and has open mouth, vertical wall, round bottom. One line of bulged cord design painted on the middle section of its belly. There are three legs, which are in the shape of triangle bird-head. There is one round hole on each side, just like two eyes. The body is made by wheel. The shape of utensil is complete. The mould is sedate and decent, simple and beautiful.

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