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Majiayao Painted Pottery

Majiayao Painted pottery is a type of Majiayao culture in the earlier stage. It appeared about B.C.3300-B.C.2900. Most are orange-yellow or orange-red pottery painted with black color. It reached an unprecedented level both in quantity or quality. The majority of patterns are complicated floral designs formed by black lines and geometrical patterns formed by long or short lines and arcs. Designs of stripe, broadband, dots, arc, water waves, check, vertical curtain, parallel lines, human face, frog, etc, are commonly seen. The breadth of colored painting is very large, grand and magnificent. There are more internal colors than other types. Internal colors are often applied on shallow-bellied basins, open-top bowls and bowls.

Painted basin with dancing design

Painted basin with dancing designThis piece belongs to Majiayao type, 14cm in height, 28cm in caliber. It is argillaceous orange-yellow pottery. Its surface is polished bright and lustrous. It has open-top mouth, bulged belly, small flat bottom, and the lower part of belly contracted abruptly into legs. The rim of mouth and its outer wall are applied with black color. There are three circles of cord design, which are simple and terse, on the most bulged place of its outer wall. The inner wall is decorated with 3 groups of dancing design, 5 people in one group. The clothes ornaments and tail ornaments of dancing people are very clear, and the shape is very novel. It is the valuable information for researching dancing art of the Neolithic Ages and recreational activities, custom and human feelings of clan members.

Painted canister with net design and waistband

Painted canister with net design and waistbandThis piece belongs to Majiayao type. 18.3cm in height, 15.2cm in caliber, unearthed in Yongdeng, Gansu Province, collected in Gansu Museum. It is argillaceous red pottery with colored painting. It consists of two joint utensils, the upper one is in a shape of basin, the lower one in a shape of canister. There are two ring-shaped ears on the most bulged place of the lower one, one on the left and one on the right. The lower and upper parts both are painted with bulged pearl-shaped flora designs, which are decorated with designs of round and oblate checked net, parallel lines and hoop-shaped band. The model is unique and the design is exquisite.

Miaodigou Painted Pottery
Longshan black pottery