Face to face with Panda cubs
Observe with an interactive web camera

Cutest Chinese goldfish
Listen to the whisper of Chinese goldfish

Witness the first Seismograph
See how a Seismograph works

Interesting lakes in China
Every lake has a name and a character

Escape from an earthquake in 10 seconds

Garden of rare flowers
That’s what makes a plant so special

Science Cinema
Hey, let’s go to the Movies!

Visit the Tibetans
Discover a paradise on earth

Chinese ceramics
A piece of ceramics tells a story of China

A guide to VSMC
Follow me to a virtual science tour

        Have you visited the Virtual
       Xishuangbanna Tropical        otanical Garden (XTBG) on VSMC? It shows a paradise on earth with fascinating trees and flowers. This time VSMC wants to show more- a world of plants where you could witness the research and interact with the scientists!

What are the Panda cubs doing?
Chinese Ceramics
China Giant Panda Museum
Chinese Goldfish
Nationalities in Middle and Southeast China
Nationalities in Northeast China
Yunnan Animal Museum
The Yarlung Zangbo Canyon
Museum of Earthquakes


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