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The legend of rescuing Nurhachi and the respect for dogs and crows

In the northeast area with frigid climate, it was common to lay the dogskin tick and wear dogskin hat in the past. However, the Manchus abstained from killing dogs, eating dogs and wearing dogskin hats. In addition, they did not allow the guests with dogskin hats on into their houses. It is said that this behavior came out of the respect for dogs and could be attributed to the story of "dog's rescuing of Nurhachi". In the legend, the king of Han (Nurhachi) once got into danger and it was a dog that saved him and helped him escape with bare life. As the acknowledgement of dog's contribution of rescuing, Nurhachi gave an order, " in the mountains, there are so many kinds animals which you can hunt for food, but from now on, no one is allowed to eat dogs nor wear dogskin. When dogs die, they should be buried because dogs can read man's emotion and can rescue their masters. Dogs are loyal." From then on, loving dogs and respecting dogs became the custom of Man nationality.

There is another legend. Once, the king of Han was hunted by Ming army and hid himself in the reeds. The Ming army set fire on the reeds and the king of Han fainted on the ground because of being exhausted and suffocated. At this emergency, a yellow dog shuttled between the pond and the king of Han, and put off the fire around the king, getting water by digging itself in the pond, regardless of its own safety. The king of Han was rescued but the dog was exhausted to death beside the king. When the Ming army was searching for the king, a crowd of crows landed on the body of the king, which made the army believe that the crows were eating the corpse and withdrew troops. When the king came to himself, he realized that it were the dog and crows who saved his life. So, from then on, he cautioned his followings against hurting dogs and crows and that they should care them. As a result, the Manchus didn't eat the meat of crows. They raised crows and sacrificed for crows.

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