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Masterpiece of Volcano Activities -Jingbo Lake

Jingbo LakeJingbohu Lake (Mirror Lake) embraced in Ningan County's boundless mountains of Heilongjiang Province nestles in the upper reaches of Mudan River, Songhua River's main tributary. About ten thousand years ago, the volcanic eruption in the Quaternary Period formed basalt magmas that blocked the passageway of Mudan River, so a lavadam  lake was formed.

Jingbohu Lake owns several names during the long history such as Apu, Huermeijing, Bierteng in Tang, Ming and Qing dynasties. The lake gets its current name for the sake of its mirror-like surface.

Jingbo Lake Jingbo Lake

The whole lake covers 91.5 square kilometers with an average depth of 12.9 meters. And it is 41 kilometers long and 4.85 kilometers wide. Its capacity is 11.8x108 cubic meters.

Jingbo LakeCarefully clustered around by mountains and forest, Jingbo Lake is crystal and smooth. The trees around the lake are all in the same color, which also contributes to this poetic scenery. The poem reads: "Mountains are embracing the green lake, even the running water and springs calm down!"

Jingbohu Lake wanders north from the Jingbo House,which zigzags along the mountains and lasts kilometers long. Steep cliffs, isolated isles and great waterfall contribute to Eight Scenes of Jingbo Lake. They are Diaoshuilou Waterfall, Pearl Gate, Dagu Mountain, Xiaogu Mountain, White Crag, City Wall Crag, Taoist Mountain and Crow Crag.

The fall and width of Diaoshuilou Waterfall reach 20 and 40 meters respectively. It looks like thousands of piles of drops  flying down and thundering lasts long.

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