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Gahai Lake-Prairie Pearls where the Red Army Crossed

Prairie in South Gansu ProvinceMore than 70 years ago, the scene of the Red Army (Army of the Communist Party of China) crossing the large meadow in the juncture of Sichuan and Gansu provinces during the long march (1934-1936) is really hard for us to forget. Now over 70 years has passed by, Songpan, Hongyuan, and Zoige of Sichuan Province are still a marsh  grassland now. However, while reaching Diebu, Luqu of Gansu Province, the boundless hill type of high and cold grassland meets the eyes on every side. Gahai Lake is a still unexploited virgin lake, which sleeps quietly in the vast grassland in the south of Gansu Province. Here the altitude is high between 3000-4000 meters. The annual rainfall is 600-800mm, the summer temperature is 12C-20C, and it grows a piece of agreeable green grassland. The flowing water in the mountains gathers in Gahai Lake and pours into Tao River by way of Zhouqu. The surrounding areas of the lake have not been developed into the farmland and still keeps its state of the primitive pasture so far. When people investigate or visit here, they can see not only the inverted image of floating clouds and mountain peaks reflected by the lake surface, which is calm like a mirror, but also flocks of sheep, cattle and horses chewing grasses leisurely on the pasture.
Gahai Lake Flocks and Herds on the Prairie
Tibetan living in South Gansu Province makes a living by grazing, and once led a life of nomadism. However, they have been gradually building houses to settle down. The village made up of dozens of houses by Gahai Lake is their home.

Gahai Lake and its surrounding area have already been developed into the nature reserve for the migratory bird. The preservation zone is vast and beautiful and the number and breed of the birds are both abundant.

Langmu TempleDriving over 50 kilometers southwestward from Gahai Lake, you will arrive at the Maqu County, where is the first curve of the Yellow River. Driving over 40 kilometers southeastward from Gahai Lake, you will arrive at Langmu Temple.

Langmu Temple are in fact a group of temple buildings, with a part in Sichuan Province, called Sichuan Langmu Temple, and another part in Gansu Province, called Gansu Langmu Temple. This group of temples are all built on the hillside, although not large in scale, it still shows the imposing manner between the upturned eaves. There lie rows of sutra wheels in barrel shape, on which are painted with the figure of Buddha stepping on the red lotus.The Tibetans walk as they are turning the wheels, mumbling some words piously. They wish the world at peace and every family the best of health!

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