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Unique Nature


The Recluse in the Forest of Bamboos1 The Recluse in the Forest of Bamboos

The giant panda usually lives alone and scatters among the thick forest of bamboos, thus given another name "the recluse in the forest of bamboos." However, in warm spring when flowers bloom, the pandas come out of their kingdoms and chase after the love. They may pursue each other, and then fall in love and get "married".

2 Skillful Tree-climbers

Giant Pandas are skillful tree-climbers. This skill protects them from their natural enemies and provides convenience to their sun bathing, playing, courting and mating.

Although giant pandas look fat, they are good tree-climbers because this is an instinct inherited from their carnivore ancestors. This capability helps in hunting and running from dangers. Young giant pandas particularly enjoy climbing trees.

 "A Tree-climbing Contest" "A Tree-climbing Contest"

3 Fond of Drinking Water

Pandas often live beside clean rivers or springs, and they like drinking water very much. Occasionally, the panda has to climb a long way to the valley for water. Sometimes, because the panda is very thirsty, it will try hard to find a water source, and then indulge in water so much that it will finally behave like a drunken man, by lying by the stream. So people have a saying that "Giant Panda Drunk of Water"

Specialized Food