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Miaodigou Painted Pottery

Miaodigou Painted Pottery mainly includes basins, bowls and canisters. Gourd-shaped bottles of Midigou type are similar to that of Banpo in the early and middle period.
Midigou painted pottery is more mature than that of Banpo. Dots, lines and surface are used in proper proportions. The space is sparse, lucid and lively. Lively dots and lines are decorated alternately between curved surfaces. All these have reflected the primal indifference, and calm with leisure psychology of the ancient people.

Painted basin with design of flower petals

Painted basin with design of flower petalsThis piece belongs to Midigou type of Yangshao culture, 12cm in height, 20.3cm in caliber, unearthed in Miaodigou, Shanxian County of Henan Province in 1956, and collected in Beijing Forbidden City Museum. In a shape of basin, it has earthen bowl-shaped body. With inverted mouth, overlapped outward rim, bulged out belly, the lower belly contracted into long legs, and the bottom is flat. It is a typical utensil of Miaodigou type. Painted with black color, the designs are joined together with dots and arc triangles.

Painted Bottle with giant salamander design

Painted Bottle with giant salamander designThis piece belongs to Miaodigou type of Yangshao culture, 38cm in height, 6.8cm caliber, unearthed in Xiping of Gangu County of Gansu Province, and collected in Gansu Museum. It has small mouth, two ears, deep belly and flat bottom. It is painted with reddish brown color. One visualized giant salamander (Wawa Fish in Chinese) design is decorated on one side of its belly in a shape of triangle. The head and tail of salamander are joined together. The technique of drawing lines is admirable for the free in painting and accomplished at a stretch.

Banpo painted pottery
Majiayao Painted Pottery