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Changsha Kiln Ware

Changsha kiln (Shizhu kiln as its ancient name) is located at Wangcheng County, Changsha City, Hunan Province. It thrived in the Tang Dynasty. In order to meet needs of overseas porcelain trade, some artistic forms, such as Tang san cai (tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty); calligraphy and painting, were applied in the making of ceramics.

Changsha ware belongs to the category of celadon underglaze colored decoration. Main moulds of Changsha kiln ware are bottles and vases, and there are bowls, small plates, jugs, earthen bowls and boxes as well, only a few studying utensils and pillows included.

The technique of freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting is frequently used to paint figures, flowers and plants on Changsha kiln ware. There are also designs of fish, bird and dragon on them.

Celadon Amphora Vase with Brown and Green DotsCeladon Amphora Vase with Brown and Green Dots

The Vase was fired in the Tang Dynasty by Changsha kiln. The main features are: large mouth, flat bottom, two symmetrical ears on its shoulders, wholly yellow glazed, under-glazed clouds and lotus flower design that formed by brown and blue dots. It is very large and beautifully decorated and now collected in Yangzhou Museum of Jiangsu Province.

Brown Glazed Kettle with Applique Figures

Brown Glazed Kettle with Appliqu¨¦ Figures

Now collected in Anhui Museum, this piece is made in the Tang Dynasty, 23.2cm in height, 11.1cm caliber and 15.7cm abdomen diameter. The main features are: blue and yellow glazed, open-top mouth, flat bottom foot, one rhombohedral-shaped short running on its shoulders, with one handle, on which applique warrior and brown colored speckles applied.

Bewitching Peacock green glaze porcelain
Simple and pure Cizhou Ware