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Xing Ware, as white as Silver and Snow

Xing kiln in the Tang Dynasty is well known around the world for making high-quality ceramic white ware. Mr Lu Yu (an expert for tea in the Tang Dynasty) acclaimed in his book of Cha Jing (tea scripture), that Xing ware "as white silver and snow" and beautiful to the extreme. Xing kiln not only produces fine ceramic white ware which was acclaimed by Mr Lu Yu, it also makes rough ware. So it can meet needs from all levels of the society.
"ӯ" (a Chinese character which means full) style white glazed boxes is one of elaborate works made by Xing kiln. The whole body is white glazed with a color of snow white; and on its bottom inscribed a Chinese character of "ӯ". It is the most outstanding works of Xing ware of the Tang Dynasty, and is used as the official ware.

White glazed Lamppost with Design of Lotus Petals

White glazed Lamppost with Design of Lotus PetalsNow collected in China History Museum, the piece is made in the Tang Dynasty, 30.4cm in height; 6.5 cm caliber. It consists of three parts: lamp panel, lamp pole and bearing. Lamp panel presents a shape of cup, and there is one cylinder in the middle for inserting candle. Lamp pole is slim and upright. The base texture is fine and solid, and the entire sculpt is solemn, upright, meticulous and unique. Thicker glaze presents a color of pale blue. The lamppost unglazed, and one Chinese character of ""(means forever) was written by brush on it.

White Glazed Six-tube Vase with Design of Lotus Petals

White Glazed Six-tube Vase with Design of Lotus Petals

Now collected in Shanghai Museum, the piece is made in the Five Dynasties (907-960 A.D), 40.7 cm in height; 4.3 cm caliber; 20.6 cm abdomen diameter and 11.1 cm in foot diameter. The base is white and solid. The mouth is consisted of overlapping lotus petals, and it looks like a blooming lotus flower. With long and slim neck, it was decorated with 5 lines of is corrugated design. There are 6 tubes decoration on its shoulders, which connect with its abdomen. It has round belly and ring foot.

Jun Kiln and Fang (modeling on) Jun Kiln Porcelains
Yongle sweet white ware