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Needle-leaved Forest Zone in High Mountains

  Not very far downward, one would see the evergreen needle-leaved forests of high and sub-high mountain areas. Because they stand straight in such multitudinous number, they seem to have a prepossessing momentum. The forests mainly consist of firs and hemlocks, which form a forceful scene. The luxuriant sea of forests holds in store large amount of forest resources. The furs there can grow as tall as 30-40 meters and as thick as 40 cm. The branches of them smooth out gracefully and the evergreen fur trees play up the flavor of autumn. Tree azaleas grow in twists and turns under the forests. They are much taller than the azaleas growing below the snow line. Their large flowers are in full bloom in rich red, light yellow, and white powder. Some of them even give off a fragrant smell. This place is the real native land of azalea as well as a differentiation center of all azaleas. Besides, there are also Lonicera, Viburnum, Araliaceae growing under the forests and they fulfill the space not occupied by other plants. 

  The distribution of the hemlocks is lower than the fur forests in elevation. But they grow much taller and thicker. They can grow as long as 50-60 meters and as thick as 1 meter. So they are very good construction materials for mankind. The natural condition here is obviously better than the elevation above. Because the azalea trees here grow much taller, often more than 10 meters with a thickness of over 20-30 cm. They are often called tree azalea. The light yellow and green sunglo twist and hang in-between the branches and give people a mysterious impression; coming down from the clouds of higher elevation, people often feel they have entered the fairyland. Sunglo is also a treasure because it can be used as medicine to treat bronchitis and asthma. Standing on the layer of moss, people would feel the ground is as soft as wool carpets. The existence of sunglo and moss proves that this elevation is humid to some extent. The mosses even climb on the trunks of trees or even on the twisted tree azaleas. 




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Fantastic Vertical Natural Zones


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