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  Abundant and Precious Plants

A kind of medicinal plant
 - Shidagonglao

  There are more than 3500 types of vascular plants in the district of the Great Canyon. Among them, those that worth to be developed are no less than 1000 types. Plants that can be used for medicine here rank number one in Tibet. Particularly in the valleys below el. 1100 m in the southern slope of the Himalayan Mountain, it is the only place where tropical vegetations grow in Tibet. The inhabitants of the valley often eat the plant oil produced from walnut, etc. There are all so many thymelaea plants in this region, such as winter daphne etc.

Papaya growing in the canyon 
- a tasty soft drink

Qingjianci that can produce 
tangible oil

  There are many types of rare and precious tropical trees in valleys below el. 1100 m, such as T. myriocarpaAltingia excelsa,Chukrasia tabularis, Homalium zeylanicum Lagerstroemia minuticarpa etc. The forest stand of crape myrtle is as high as 800 cubic meters/hectare. The amentotaxus here is an especially rare timber tree in our country. Its wood is not only easy for processing; moreover, it is quite fine, it is not easily rotten and it has a fragrant smell. 

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