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Bird view of Zangbo Badong Waterfall
 (by Li Bosheng)

The rushing Rongzha Waterfall

  Through hiking the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon, scientists and journalists cooperated with one another and achieved a number of scientific results. First of all, they comprehended the water resource in the core section of the Yarlung Zangbo River. They discovered and affirmed 4 waterfall groups; among which, three waterfalls have fall heads of over 30-35 meters and the width of them are between 50 and 118 meters. The waterfalls on the Yarlung Zangbo River are rare phenomena in major rivers of the world. The slope-deflection in this part of the river amounts to 23°, which is the highest in the world; secondly, the scientists established 3 survey benchmarks along the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon, i.e. Kexin No. 1, Kexin No. 2 and Kexin No. 3 and they also obtained precious field survey data: the maximum depth of the canyon is 6009 meters; the narrowest part of it is 35 meters; and it has a total length of 504.6 kilometers. 

Taxus chinensis

CCTV workers are transmitting the images of the expedition in the Great Canyon

The expedition once again affirmed the position of the canyon as the champion in the world; thirdly, the scientists collected a lot of scientific materials and samples in biological and geological research; and they added more new contents to their records about the scientific treasure house of the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon. Among which, the discovery and the affirmation of the new distribution of xoraptera insects and the existence of large areas of Chinese yew are the most significant; fourthly, they got to know further about the impact of the moisture passage on the biological system in the core section of the canyon; fifthly, they realized satellite signal transmission in number one canyon of the world and they made important contributions to the dissemination of the hiking through and the preach of the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon in a timely manner. The expedition team shot nearly 1000 hours video and movie films as well as nearly 1000 rolls of color photo films, in which they recorded the complete process of this expedition. 



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