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Composition of the Scientific Expedition Team

Gao Dengyi and Wang Fuzhou are warmly welcome by Tibetans 
(by Du Zequan)

A group photo taken for the members of the waterfall group in Zhaqu

กกกกThe deputy chairman of China Association for Scientific Expedition and atmospheric physician, Professor Gao Dengyi, was appointed as the team leader; the deputy general secretary of China Association For Scientific Expedition and geologist, Professor Yang Yichou, Wang Tiegang of CCTV, the representative of entrepreneurs and archeologist, Associate Professor Li Shiyuan, and the representative of enterprises, Mr. Yu Xianguang were appointed as vice team leaders; the deputy chairman of China Association For Scientific Expedition and famous alpinist, Mr. Wang Fuzhou, was appointed as the Political Commissar; the deputy general secretary of China Association For Scientific Expedition and senior engineer, Mr. Tao Baoxiang, was assigned as the vice political commissar. The team had all together 59 members; among whom, 15 were scientists, 5 were alpinists, and 39 were journalists. The expedition team was divided into 4 groups to realize the task to hike through the great canyon. 

"Monument for Human Beings' Hiking Through the Great Canyon" will coexist with the Great Canyon

A giant rock falls into the bottom of the Canyon and a scientific expedition team enter the canyon 





Introduction of the Great Canyon
  Retrospect on Past Expeditions
  Hiking Through the Great Canyon
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A Heroic Undertaking by Chinese Scientists

Get to Know the Greatest Canyon
The Largest Wet Tongue of the World

A Peculiar Horseshoe

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Taking a Wonderful Journey in the Grand Canyon

 An Extraordinary Mud-rock Flow

Unique Culture of the Canyon

Peep into Lhoba Customs

Slash-and-burn Cultivation

The Rule of Bome King
The 6th Generation Dalailama, a Living God of Mamba People and a Mamba Poet