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Another bend of the Yarlung Zanbbo Canyon - looking at the Great Canyon from Zhuba 
( by Guan Zhihua)

  In the later half of the 20th century, the scientists of China entered the great canyon district time and again on expeditions and explorations. As early as in the 1970s, the scientists of the People's Republic of China had a preliminary expedition in the great canyon. In the 1980s, the mountain climbing and scientific expedition team of the Chinese Academy of Science carried out a multi-subject and comprehensive expedition in the great canyon region centered on Mount Namjagbarwa. This is the first multi-subject expedition in this district and the scientists collected a large amount of first-handed materials about the region. In the 1990s, scientists from China and some foreign countries cooperated for many times and carried out a series of expeditions in this district. 

Istant view of Mount Jialabailei and Namjagbarwa at the entrance to the Great Canyon

  In April of 1998 and from October to December of 1998, under the leadership and with the help of the Chinese Academy of Science and the Science and Technology Association of China, Tianjian Yarlung Zangbo Canyon Scientific Expedition Team of China, once again hiked the great canyon on a scientific expedition. This time, the scientists realized the long-cherished wish of generations of Chinese scientists and achieved a great scientific result. 

Distant view of Mount Jialabailei from Pai 

The peaks of Mount Jialabailei in the morning glow



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