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A Mighty Panorama - Yi'ong Lake

A scene of Yi'ong Lake

   Travel along Yi'ong zangbo from Tongmai Bridge on the Sichuan-Tibet highway. The distance is 21 kilometers and the tourists will arrive at a farm beside Yi'ong Lake. The elevation of Yi'ong Lake is about 2100 meters and it is a river valley lake dammed by mud-rock flow. It locates right in the middle of the moisture passage of the Great Canyon. The conditions in the basin are extremely favorable. Nyaingentanglha Mountain serves as its barrier in the north. At the pass of the lake, there is a mountain named Tie Mountain.

Busy in collecting tea
beside Yi'ong Lake

The lake is of a rectangular-shaped. The snow-covered mountain shadows into the lake. The phenomenon of castle in Spain frequently

appears here. There are a lot of aquatic birds in the shoals of the lake plain as well as buffalos and horses. There are dense woods and tea gardens on the terrace beside the lake; on the slopes of the mountain, there are pine trees and fur trees, which are tall and elegant; macaques jump and climb among the trees. The tea garden here is the best in Tibet. The Zhufengsheng Tea produced here is very famous. It's a good place for scientists and tourists to visit.

The downstream of Nyang Qu locates on the moisture passage
A scene of Yi'ong Lake
Busy in collecting tea beside Yi'ong Lake






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