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Piled Relics of Ancient Glaciers

  There are two villages, Qundo and Yuri, at the bottom of the U-shaped valley of the glacier. There are typical distributions of ancient glacier relics. The wide river valley plain is a barn of grains for Bome County. The tomb-like ice mounds have different shapes, which constitute a rare natural landscape. They provide an ideal place for scientific research and specialized tourism. There are simple roads there and tourists can have a return tour within one day.







Natural Landscape and Human Customs
Parlung Zangbo - "Land of Fish and Rice in Tibet"

Landscape of Nyang Qu


A Heroic Undertaking by Chinese Scientists

Get to Know the Greatest Canyon
The Largest Wet Tongue of the World

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Azalea in Harsh Coldness

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The 6th Generation Dalailama, a Living God of Mamba People and a Mamba Poet