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Landscape of Garlungla Glacier

  Traveling along the Bome-Medog highway southward for 30 kilometers from Zhamog village, Bome, the tourists will arrive at GarlungLa. Transportation there is quite convenient and people can have a return tour within one day. They can see the U-shaped valleys, the forests in the snow-covered mountains, and the Garlung Temple basin at the origin. Two mountain glaciers leading to different directions cross with each other at this point and they are all monsoon marine glaciers. In the bottom of Garlung Temple basin, there is fertile summer pastureland. The little huts of the shepherds are built directly at the end of the contemporary glaciers. Garlung Temple is built on the terrace at the foot of the mountain. There are 9 white towers in front of the temple. The temple sets its backyard off against dense forests. Tourists can look at the huts of the shepherds in front of them. They can see that the ice-snow sphere meets with the biological sphere here. Human beings remain harmony with nature. In the near future, this part will develop into a convenient glacier park.







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