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A Fully Deserved World Champion

Morning twilight of the Great Yarlung Zangbo Canyon

Mount Jialabailei in the midst of morning glow

The peaks of Mount Jialabailei in the morning glow

  Only through comprehensive comparison, can we conclude that the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon is really a fully deserved world champion. No matter speaking from the facts or the scientific data, or looking from its momentum, its natural quality, from our feeling or from its scientific connotation, ´ everyone will come to the conclusion naturally that the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon is a fully deserved world champion. Besides, combining all these with the geological data collected from field measurement in the canyon district, people will believe that the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon, only the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon, is the largest canyon in the world. Though Colorado Canyon of America, Kaerka Canyon of Peru, and Kaligendege Canyon of Nepal have many special features and advantages of their own, they don't deserve the title of a world champion at all.



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