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A snowslide in Galongla

  At 13 on August 29, 1967, a slide happened suddenly in Layue of Dongjug. At that time, a mountain collapsed suddenly in the right bank of Dongjug River, which bumped on the opposite mountain across the river. When the slide happened, nothing could escape from it. This slide was an extraordinary slide that caused a great sensation in China. 10 PLA soldiers were passing accidentally, and all of them were buried alive under the rocks. Their bodies were not found at last. Thereafter, the rivers and mountains in Layue district changed a lot. Dongjug River changed its river course. Now we can only see the top of a bridge on the river originally. The bridge was originally on the highway. It was estimated that the amount of rocks collapsed in that slide was as much as 25 million cubic meters. Thereafter, collapses and slides successively happened in 1973, 1977, 1978 and 1980. In the meantime, mud-rock flows also happened. 



An Extraordinary Mud-rock Flow
  An Extraordinary Slide in Layue
  Glacier Mud-Rock Flow
  An Extraordinary Snowslide in Bome


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