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 To Be Neighbors of the Kang Tibetan

Tibetan girls busying with tea collecting

  There are also many Tibetan people live in this district. The Tibetan people live in the Great Canyon mostly come from Kang District. They migrated here from Bartang and Kang district in the early of the 20th century. According to the folklore, when Master Lianhuasheng established this sacred land, there were four "dian" (level ground) and three "lin" (a place of scriptures). It was a paradise. Good foods and milk springs can be found everywhere. The rapid rivers can also generate cheese. It's said that this part is the embodiment of a goddess, Duojipamu, she faces the blue sky, her head is the Mount Namjagbarwa, which was covered by snow all the year round; her neck is Duojimozhi Mountain´, the body of the goddess is full of treasures. She has inexhaustible grains and meats. She has tiger bones, musk, and coptis (all medicines) etc. People call this place "a place where happiness lies". The Kamba people who came to pray for Buddha have lived here for about 4 to 5 generations. Their living and production method are similar with those of Lhoba and Mamba people. They marry with each other and formed the primitive and unique social relations in this district. 

Taxus chinensis

A big harvest - an autumn scene in the Great Canyon

  The culture in the Great Canyon district has its specialties. Many minorities of this district preserved their traditional cultures because the hindrance of transportation and information. All these provide valuable information for the study of the history and religion of these nations. But on the other hand, because of the hindrance of high mountains and deep valleys, the place is scarcely inhabited. Our study on the cultures of the nations in this district has just started. I visited this part of the country twice. I collected all the materials I heard, I saw and I experienced. I consulted the records of ancestors and I compiled them into an outline of the culture in the Great Canyon district. Due to limited space, I can only bring an outline of my study before the readers. I believe as time goes on, many puzzles of this district will become known to the outside at last.



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