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 Tibetan Buddhism- A Combination of Belief and Nature

Lama Monks are reading scriptures in the morning

  Mamba people believe in Tibetan Buddhism. They previously believed in Bai Religion. After migrating to Medog, they brought with them the Bai Religion. Afterwards, because Medog was under the jurisdiction of Bome King, they changed their belief into Red Religion. Red Religion was a branch of Tibetan Buddhism. At the 8th century, a Tibetan King built the first Red Religion Temple. The Lama Peak Temple in Mainling was the second largest Red Religion Temple in Tibet. Red Religion is popular in southeast Tibet.

Manidui - A Pile of Stone 
(Taken by Yang Yichou)

  Mamba people will place a pile of stones in dangerous mountain pass or dangerous roads. People can see they hang a long piece of cloth or place a big pile of stones before such places. They believe by this way, ghosts and gods will bless them.


A mark pointing at the Lama monks' dwelling place

  In the Great Canyon region, people can seldom see the rotating scripture wheels, or ardent believers who kneel on the ground to pray. The temples here are also quite scarce. It seems as if the beautiful scenery there isolate the local people from religious atmosphere. But as a matter of fact, people can feel the existence of religion all the time. So to speak, people may see some small huts along a small brook; the "jingo" sounds of the bell can be heard every now and then from the huts; these are the scripture rotating buildings. From this, we can see that the believers here combined their belief and the nature harmoniously. 




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